Costa in Bra – Verona COCONTEST

The genesis of the project is the result of a rethinking of the commercial space to avoid functionality and and a new image of the bar-restaurant.

The proposal accords to the demands of clients regarding the processing areas maintained in their original position, thinking of a re-evaluation of the aesthetic .

The project proposal consists in the redefinition of the main elements that make up the bar area, counter, back-counter and scale, with reference to the cover of the gazebo in his typological definition and materials. The use of iron, specifically cast-iron, is recovered to recall the external metal structure. The proposal avoids the use of sylistic elements of the past, preferring a contemporary dialogue with the tradition.

We have opted for the use of linear elements organized according to a geometric and material composition. The finishes are traced to the materials of the terrace: the existing stone steps and wooden beams are preserved, the walls are lime shaved in natural tone, the volumes of the counter and back-counter are finished with waxed natural iron, the windows are replaced with ‘ferro-finestra’ profiles.
Particular attention was paid to the treatment of the counter, central in the overall image of the room. The sides of the volume were cladded with panels of cast iron decorated with a pattern that recalls the molding of the architrave of the terrace cover . The eight lobes decoration of the disc is broken down into four lobes elements obtained by the intersection of four orthogonal circles.

To complete the internal volumetric definition the stairs were closed and a glazed panel was included to divide the connection and the main hall.


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