The concept of collectivity, intended as a sense of memership of a community, is indissolubly linked to the concept of place. The place, as a sequence of empty and costructed spaces, defines lived experiences and social relations of a community. The creation of a focus point, that determines the identity and the urban texture of the growing Everyville, moves from a basic consideration of nature and perception of the open space. The wish of create a pole of services and social cohesion is proposed in this project shaping the open space based on a dynamic, diaphanous and centripetal morphology, where hierarchies are determined by the empties, that defines ways and squares, not by the costructed.

Space is generated by processes analogous with those that shape natural environment. It results a plaiting of opposing principles, filled/empty, heavy/light, open/closed, opaque/clear, that play on perception while moving by a sequence  of pressures and empties (ways and squares), exposure and enclosure (elevated and lower levels). The place became a pole of attraction for the man; the man, with his presence and his transit, give identity and vitality to the urban center of Everyville.



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